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Ah, the ever so creatively named "Other Stuff" gallery. This is just a place for me to dump the random art I create that doesn't have somewhere else better to go. There's a number pieces I did in college and even a couple drawings from high school. There are some pieces I’ve done for my hubby, and you'll find some of the freelance work I’ve done.

Once upon a time I hade a whole gallery devoted to my theatre art, but I'm not sure it's going to grow anymore so... Other Stuff it is!

See, when it started, my husband and I had formed our own community theatre we named "5th Season Entertainment". I designed the logo and was going to illustrate original posters for all our productions. Unfortunately we only produced 4 shows before we had to stop. Producing a show is a lot of work and we just didn't have the manpower to continue.

The first 4 posters are the shows we actually produced, the rest we had aspirations to do. Maybe someday we'll resume but for now the posters will live here.

For a short time I did some freelance work for the Bradford Exchange. I designed a Nascar themed Santa's village that never got made, a Universal Monster Halloween village that did, but my absolute favorite work I did was designs for The Simpson's Christmas ornaments. The images I have of the final products will proceed my designs. Be warned, these files aren't very big.

I don't know why, but I just love this quick concept I did for Advertising Design class in college. It's only 2x2 inches in size - probably just about "actual size" on your computer screen. I never did see it through to a final product, but it's still fun.