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Harry Potter holds a special place in my heart, and I've taken it upon myself to illustrate the entire series - in order… for the most part. Click on a book from the "book shelf" below and you'll be taken to the gallery of illustrations for that book. If you'd like to learn more about the series as a whole and what I do with the illustrations once I've completed a book, scroll further down the page.

I could write everything out, but I thought it'd be simpler for everyone if I just made a little video to explain the project a little more indepth,. And toshow off the hand bound copies of the books I created using my illustrations.

Please note: I am not accustomed to making videos like this, so I hope you'll forgive the less than professional quality.

I hope you enjoy!

The next video (COMING SOON) is sort of a Part II to the above, recorded a few years later after having made a few changes to the handbound book designs.

And lastly (as far as Potter is concerned) for those who don't know, at one point, the MuggleNet website was working on creating a book of Harry Potter fan art. I was asked to be part of the project; a few of my illustrations were going inside the book, but I was particularly honored by the request of doing an original illustration for the cover!

I agreed with only one stipulation. Since I'm working through the books in order, I would only include characters I'd already done or was currently doing, and wouldn't illustrate Harry or the others older than where I currently was with them, which at the time was only Chamber of Secrets. Mugglenet was cool with that, so I did this piece for them.

The concept was art coming to life... like magic. I thought it could be neat if it looked like it was my own drawing being worked on, from my point of veiw (so those are my hands I used for reference, and if you look at the golden snitch, you'll see my reflection in it like it was flying at my face) when a colour Harry bursts out of the image. I’m pretty happy with the way it all turned out.

At the time, it was requested that I not share the painting until the book was in production; they didn't want to ruin the surprise. But now it seems the project is on an indefiniate hiatus. Which is because a shame, even if I wasn't involved with it, I'd have been interested in a book like that. Oh well, I still have a nice illustration to add to my portfolio!