~ See ya in the funny papers!

Hello, my name is Keith James and this is my website. It’s mostly an online portfolio of my artwork, available for all to see, be it friends or family, but especially potential employers! So take a look around, I hope you enjoy what you see.

Contact info on the "Resume" page

My appolgies to anyone visiting my site regularly who's noticed a lack of updates. I've been busy and have not been keeping up with the site. Don't get me wrong, the business has kept me from doing much art and therefore I didn't have anything to update the site with. But still, I know it's been just sitting here unchanged for sometime.

Well, that will be changing soon. I'm working on a new painting and once it's completed, I'll take the time to do some proper updates on the site.

Stay Tuned!!!

Bellow is still the most recent illustration I have.