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Hello, my name is Keith James and this is my website. It’s mostly an online portfolio of my artwork, available for all to see, be it friends or family, but especially potential employers! So take a look around, I hope you enjoy what you see.

Contact info on the "Resume" page

I'm still working out the bugs of this "new" website and figuring out how to properly post updates.

This new illustration is a bit odd because, while it has a proper place to go, I almost don't feel right putting it there. It's potential artwork to the cover of a book... a book I've written.

I'm trying not to gush too much about it. It's by no means going to be published for sure. I recently finished editing the rough draft and now I'm passing it off to a good friend of mine to do the proper edits, which I KNOW it needs.

Anyway, I couldn't not do artwork for my own story. The illustration featured bellow was a trial run, and will be used to send with the mauscript to editors. But I'm working on a different painting for the actual cover. Something a bit... more. Stay tuned!

If you want to know more, bellow the image is the (pre-edited) script of what would go on the back cover:

Jack Waramond, a celebrated hero in the nation of Idoless’s army, has been missing for five years. The night he disappeared is shrouded in mystery.  Rumors suggest he tried to kill Jason Hawthorn, Idoless’s Prince (and Jack’s best friend) just before fleeing. The only people who know exactly what happened that night are Jack, Jason and the woman they both love, Eliza.

Caring for him like he was another son, King Hawthorn was prepared to let Jack be. But when an item of great power is discovered to be within the confines of the dark region known as Death’s Province, Jack is needed by his nation once again, for he is the only known survivor of the treacherous domain. Idoless needs to get to the item before any of the other four nations of Terra Firma do, to put Idoless in the lead of the unspoken, Secret War.

Agreeing to the task, motivated solely by Eliza's safety, Jack guides Commander Mike Church and a team of Idoless’s best soldiers including his brother, the upright Lieutenant Frank Waramond as well as their old friend Albert Larson, a newly appointed Kirk, to retrieve the item.

Jack’s return home continues a parable of discovery about himself, his brother, their nation, the world they live in, and it’s only the beginning of a much larger adventure.